Practical tips from spiritual theory

Start it; finish it

To accomplish a task well, we sometimes need to tackle it in small bits over a period of time. But when we have too many bits of unfinished tasks on the go, our mind just starts to go into overload. Whenever you can, try to finish what you start. Finishing tasks leaves you with a joy of accomplishment and peace of mind. Go on, try it for a whole day! Finish a task before starting a new one and see how you feel at the end of the day.


Get off the guilt seat

Feeling guilty is like sitting in a rocking chair. We rock back and forth emotionally, but it doesn't get us anywhere! The next time you find yourself sitting in the rocking chair of guilt, hop off and move to a better emotional place. How? Ask yourself, what can I do to make amends? And then act on it. Do something constructive and you'll feel better about yourself.


Put down the burden of the past

Carrying excess baggage slows us down. Imagine being on a hiking trip and carrying a heavy backpack, filled with unnecessary things… Do the negative memories you hang on to serve you any purpose? In order to lead the life you want to live, you have to let go of the life you led.



Make a safe space

'Getting away from it all' is something we all love to do. Create a sanctuary. Drop the distractions. Turn off your phone. Listen to soothing music. Simply enjoy the solitude and some unstructured time. You can even use this time to review recent events, create new dreams or retreat into your inner space to renovate the soul.



Conquering fear

Fear creates walls. The tallest wall sits between our real self and our perceived self. Fear can shout in such a way that it easily dictates our awareness and behaviour. But it can also be so subtle that it plays in the background of our unconscious mind like a lullaby, almost unnoticeable, sending consciousness to sleep. Spiritual powers free us from all fear.


The powerful three some - patience. tolerance, contentment

Three particular powers help us to live in this world; the first is patience and the second is tolerance. No matter what happens to me, my body or my loved ones, I have to accept it and deal with it as positively as I can. Fear of what will happen or what has happened only makes things worse; it takes away my strength and clarity to respond in a way that's helpful. Third is contentment - the feeling that I am OK, everything is OK. These three powers allow the other powers to work in our lives. They allow us to keep our dignity and self-respect. Spiritual powers protect our inner strength and reflect the spiritual beauty of the self. These are the real tools we need in our life.

Inner spiritual power allows a pure, seamless reaction in the face of problems and conflict. We carry complex, negative conditioning inside, where sorrow and karma have created the habit of reacting violently to situations. The violence of anger, rejection, fear, jealousy and aggression has been injected into our personalities. By remembering our spiritual powers and learning to adapt, tolerate and be ever alert, we create a non-violent, responsive, rather than reactive, relationship with life. We move from rejecting to welcoming. Then only can the understanding of inner peace, the sweetness of love and the power of bliss remain alive inside, 

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Practical Tips of Spirituality

Brahma Kumaris Spiritual teacher Sister Jayanti offers insights into knowing what truth is.

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