Empowering Women and Men


Empowering men

"Men's enemies are often on the inside – in the walls we put around our own hearts. The inner changes will have to come first before we can heal the world."
Steve Biddulph, Manhood

Men constitute half the world's population, own most of the world's wealth and occupy most of the official positions of power and authority, globally, nationally and locally. Consequently, men are playing a major role in the world - environmentally, politically, economically and socially. At this time, we are facing the many consequences of living in a highly competitive and materialistic culture, where traditional roles and lifestyles are rapidly changing.

Aim of men's empowerment programmes worldwide

To encourage men of all cultures, faiths and backgrounds to come together as brothers to explore, deepen, share and enjoy the spiritual beings that we are. These conversations help break down barriers that exist within and between us, so that we can play our part in creating a peaceful, authentic, just and loving world.


Spirituality and Men (SAM)

Monthly meetings and bi-annual conferences

Our vision

To act as a catalyst for changing men's consciousness by

  • Promoting an understanding of the importance of spirituality as the way forward, out of the crises facing men and the world,
  • Highlighting the link between what is happening in our own lives and what is happening in the world,
  • Reflecting upon, experiencing and sharing the peace, positivity and spiritual power of the inner self,
  • Going beyond the worries of everyday life and offering hope, inspiration and the vision of a better way of living,
  • Providing opportunities for networking and information sharing.
The method
  • Each programme is organised by men for men only,
  • Creating a supportive and peaceful atmosphere in which participation is encouraged,
  • Promoting the values of mutual respect, confidentiality and speaking from the heart.

More information available at www.brahmakumaris.org/uk/community-outreach/sam

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