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At Images & Voices of Hope (ivoh), we believe that media can create meaningful, positive change in the world. Our global community includes journalists, photojournalists, filmmakers, documentarians, advertising creators, digital pioneers and innovators in arts and culture. Though we speak many languages, our common thread is the desire to effect positive change through our work in media.

To this end, our mission is to strengthen the role of media as agents of world benefit. We do this by inviting dialogue, encouraging reflection, giving out awards, funding scholarships and publishing powerful stories about the media's impact. 

We know that words create worlds. And at this time we believe the world needs a new story.

Images & Voices of Hope was founded in 1999 with a media dialogue among 180 professionals in Manhattan. At the time, a shared interest in the media's impact on society brought together three organisations: the Visions of a Better World Foundation, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization, and the Center for Advances in Appreciative Inquiry at Case Western Reserve University. The result of their shared interest was Images & Voices of Hope, which became independent in 2008. We remain committed to a strength-based enquiry into media's impact on the world and to expanding the capacity of media to strengthen the societies they cover.

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Images and Voices of Hope

The Brahma Kumaris helped create an international initiative dedicated to making media professionals more aware of their potential to be agents of positive change in the world.

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