Seeing the self beyond limitations

I have a disability – cerebral palsy – which affects the muscles in my legs - my balance and my mobility.  Because of my disability, I experienced a lot of bullying at school. I now see that as a positive thing for I learned self-determination, to stand on my own two feet, and not to expect other people to do things for me all the time.

“The only person who sets the limits to what you can do is yourself”

Whether you have a disability or not, everyone has ability within them.  It is a question of finding what you want to use as the vehicle for that ability. The only person who sets the limits to what you can do is yourself. If you can dream it, you can do it.*

Stuart was in the first yacht crew, made up of people with a disability or who had overcome a life-threatening illness, to race around the world (in the BT Global Challenge 1996-97). In 2003/2004 Stuart crossed the Atlantic solo in 109 days, unaided and unassisted - the first physically disabled person in the world to row an ocean.

Stuart Boreham
* Speaking at Global Retreat Centre, Oxfordshire, June 2007.


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